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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhoutte

19 Oct

I had what might be termed a silhouette figure in 1982:

Now I have more of a she who ate* figure:

*You really need a northern British accent to get that joke: she who et 

The Daily Post tells us:

In photography, often we achieve that effect by putting light behind the object whose silhouette we want to capture, effectively darkening out the features of the subject instead of highlighting them.

I suspect if my 2012 self stood in front of my 1982 self* I’d be darkening out all my features several times over.

*Hey!  I’ve seen Star Trek – time travel will be possible one day and when it is, I’ll come back and do this and prove it to you.


I Love Him But He Has To Go

19 Oct

This was my Love Potato when the Hub first left him for me:

This is him now:

I took the decision to throw him into the food recycling bin last week, but he’s still sitting on my kitchen counter.

I love my little Love Potato; how can I possibly toss him aside?

Joke 575

19 Oct
A perforated Penny Red with letters in four co...

A perforated Penny Red with letters in four corners and plate 148, therefore printed 1871 or later. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From springhillstampclub.

A young collector asked an old philatelist how he made his collection so advanced and valuable.

The old man replied, “Well, young man, it was in 1940 when I got a bunch of old letters from an uncle, I soaked off the stamps, dried them and put them in a presentation folder. I spent four days on this, after which I sold the stamps at my school for a cool four dollars. The next morning, I invested those four dollars in some more stamps on paper. I spent the next four days on them and sold them afterwards for six dollars. I continued this system for a month, by the end of which I’d accumulated a fortune of 200 dollars.”

“And then what happened?” asked the eager young collector.

“And then my uncle died and left me his collection worth two million dollars…”


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