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What Makes Me Happy?

4 Aug

An empty house!

An empty house!


Sidey asked the question, What makes you happy?  

My immediate response was, of course, my family.

You thought I was going to say Maltesers, didn’t you?  

That was second on my list.

After the week I’ve had, I realise that happiness is relative.  Or, in this case, happiness is the absence of relatives.  And of son’s friends.

I love having a full house, I do; I love visitors and entertaining and making people feel welcome.  

But I also love the feeling afterwards, when all that is left is a pile of dishes and a carpet that needs vacuuming.

Spud’s friends left with full tummies, big smiles and enthusiastic thank yous.

Brother left with tummy, smile and thank you (he’s a lot older).

Now all I have to do is find Tory Boy a room in Peterborough; pack Spud off to university in two years’ time; and build a shed for the Hub.

My future happiness depends on it.


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Joke 499

4 Aug


This is from the cartoon strip The Barn.


News just in:

A flock of angry pigeons has stormed the chicken house…and staged a coo.


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Description unavailable (Photo credit: theloushe)


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