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Just When You Thought You’d Had More Laughing Housewife Than You Could Stomach…

27 Jul
Yin and Yang

Image by debcll via Flickr

Yin & Yang, milk & honey, Starsky & Hutch…lots of good things come in twos.

This week, I have twice been featured on other blogs: one is a delightful and surprise gift; the other was written at my request.  One is  in praise of laughter; the other poked fun at me.  One is a positive and life-affirming blog; the other a little, erm, seamier.

Thank you, Nancy at Spirit Lights The Way and Lou at Necrotic Hijinks for reminding me that it’s good for the soul to be both lauded and laughed at; so long as we don’t take either too seriously, we have a happy balance.

I recommend that you take a look at both blogs: Nancy never met a comment which she didn’t answer with care and consideration; Lou will poke fun at you if you ask him.  Thanks also to Corkscrewboohoo for pointing me in his direction.  

I think.



This Is Tartan!

27 Jul


In honor of reaching topic #200, what in your life would want to have 200 more of?

Is this a trick question?  If not, my answer would have to be:

200 prompters who try asking something that makes sense.

The ‘what’ in my life would like to know what is this ‘200’ whereof you speak?  Perhaps the personal pronouns you misplaced when writing that question? 

Alternative answers:

  • 200 tissues for my snotty first answer.
  • 200 pound coins – or maybe not: the question asks what I would want 200 more of, implying that I have at least one pound in my possession right now.
  • 200 boxes of my favourite sweet so that I can make a 200-drawer storage cabinet with the empties for the Hub’s junk.  Should be done by next Tuesday.
  • 200 plastic tubs of leftovers in my freezer so that I don’t have to cook a meal for the next 200 days.
  • 200 warriors to go with my Gerard Butler As An Ancient But Decidedly Dishy Greek collection.
  • 200 billion Euros to help bail out Gerry’s modern mates.  They’ve got as much chance of getting it from the UK government as they have from me, so I might as well think big: it costs me nothing and makes me look good.
  • 200 quilts for the Cotswolds’ wind surfers.
  • 200 kilts for the Scots’ old bag of wind professors – we may take their hives but we cannae take away their bee domes.
  • 200 coherent sentences for this post.
  • 200 copies of my answer to the 200 queries bound to flood in after this post is published.  Q: What are you going on about?  A: If the WordPress prompter can write nonsense, then so can I.
  • 200 Gerard Butlers, just for fun.
  • 200 gratuitous Gerard Butler pictures, to compensate for not getting even one Gerard Butler.
  • 200 butlers.  Someone has to clean the house while I’m decorating.

Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty, for tonight we dine in Tilly’s kitchen!

Joke 125

27 Jul

The Keystone Kops were disbanded after they were frequently criticized for excessive use of farce.

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