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Two Snowflake Panic Attack

8 Feb

Smile! (Photo credit: GREATONE!)

The searches which find my blog were rather dull in the run-up to Christmas, but they picked up again in January.

Here are some of my favourites.

You’ve Come To The Right Place

  • saggy women
  • camel-butt-shaped-girl
  • crazy person smiling
  • images of people frustrated in front of their computers
  • screw funny
  • husband and wife arguing

Makes Sense

  • disney characters taught us the wrong things
  • annoyed switchboard operator
  • receptionists rule
  • kid got bit on butt by donkey
  • sandra bullock sex change

Say What?

  • ugliest fog

    Donkey Butt

    Donkey Butt (Photo credit: Gallery32/ Trina Baker)

  • martin man with messed up teeth
  • famous armpits
  • mona lisa spaceship
  • two snowflake panic attack
  • huge yellow anaconda for sale
  • dear parents quotes with something about a pipe
  • images of two lady while doing shopping of gold jewellery in cartoon form

I Heard What You Said But I Know What You Meant

  • midsummer night’s dream bottom makeup

Sounds Like A Good Idea

  • “belly laugh day”
  • toilet that cleans your bum
  • fly me to the moon laughing
  • cute buttocks
  • symptoms of anaemia funny

I’m Afraid To Ask

  • paintings of dead man in a coffin
  • hirsutism in hand 
  • funny gynaecology
  • hairy tube
  • disgusting toes
  • how wide can julia roberts yawn
  • harry armpit
  • longest underarm hair in the world

Weird And He Can’t Spell (You Just Know It’s A ‘He’)

  • hairy armpit fetis
  • carnoot santa

Joke 687

8 Feb

Time for some old groaners:

Funny Fish Cartoon

Funny Fish Cartoon (Photo credit: Mr. Daniel Ted Feliciano)

  • What did the sardine call the submarine?  A can of people
  • What’s the difference between a fish and a piano?  You can’t tuna fish
  • What do you call a dangerous fish who drinks too much?  A beer-a-cuda
  • Where do fish parts come from?  Finland
  • Which fish dresses the best?  The Swordfish – it always looks sharp
  • What do you get if you cross an abbot with a trout?  Monkfish
  • What kind of fish will help you hear better?  A herring aid


    fish (Photo credit: mary hodder)

  • What do romantic fish sing to each other?  Salmon-chanted evening
  • What do you call a big fish who makes you an offer you can’t refuse?  The Codfather
  • Why is a swordfish’s nose 11 inches long?  If it were 12 inches long it would be a foot
  • Which fish can perform operations?  A Sturgeon
  • What’s a sea serpent’s favourite meal?  Fish and ships
  • Where do fish wash?  In a river basin
  • Why are fish so gullible?  They fall for things hook, line and sinker
  • Where do little fishes go every morning?  To plaice school
fish on the old Barbies

fish on the old Barbies (Photo credit: forkergirl)

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