Joke 572

16 Oct

cheese (Photo credit: pinprick)


Q: Which cheese would you use to entice a grizzly down from a mountain?

A: Camembert.

Q: What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?

A: Nacho cheese.

If English is not your first language you might not get the last two jokes.  Here’s one from Twitter  ‏@garylawuk to compensate:

Q: How do you approach an angry Welsh cheese?

A: Caerphilly.

Okay.  Same problem.  Let me find another.  This is from

Q: What type of cheese is made backwards?


Think about it…

Bonus Question:

Q: The Hub once won 10kg of cheese on a television quiz show.  

True or False?

41 Responses to “Joke 572”

  1. Ad-libb3d at 07:20 #

    They were cheesy jokes, but I laughed out loud at the edam one. Thanks for the chuckles.


  2. benzeknees at 07:29 #

    I had to read some of these 3 times to get them. I’m going to say it’s true that your hubby won cheese in a contest.


  3. Pseu at 08:22 #

    Must be true….

    was it all in cheese straws?


    • Pseu at 08:22 #

      or even cheese strings?


  4. idiosyncratic eye at 09:04 #

    I’d love to win 10kg of cheese! 😉


  5. jmgoyder at 10:04 #



  6. misswhiplashm at 10:05 #

    it’s just gotta be true!


  7. Ron. at 10:22 #

    Trick question? If not, True.


  8. The Caerphilly one was my favourite! 😀
    I think the bonus question is true.


  9. lanceleuven at 11:55 #

    I’m going to go with true…


  10. lanceleuven at 12:04 #

    Spoilers! They should be banned! Many years ago a ‘friend’ of mine told me what was in the box at the end of Seven. She also told me what happened in Dusk til Dawn. Unbelievable!

    (I realise that if you’ve never seen those films then my comment won’t make any sense, so let me explain exactly what was in the box in Seven and what happened during Dusk til Dawn… 🙂 )


    • Sorry, Lance – three of your comments went into spam. It might be because you did that (supremely clever and impressive) thing of adding your Amazon link. If you’re having trouble commenting elsewhere, that would be my guess as to the reason why.

      Oh, and 😀 😀 😀


      • lanceleuven at 18:28 #

        Ironically I just wrote out a lengthy explanation of the problem. But then it just disappeared. Clearly computers aren’t working for me today. I would explain what the comment was about but I wouldn’t want any spoilers.


        • Tilly Bud - The Laughing Housewife at 18:43 #



  11. Janie Jones at 12:33 #

    Oh, those were definitely some cheesy jokes. I know you’re not one to lie, so I’ll say your question at the end is true.

    Have you ever seen the U.S. sitcom, Home Improvement with Tim Allen as Tim “the Toolman” Taylor? There is an episode where he wins a bust of himself made of cheese.


  12. katharinetrauger at 13:22 #

    Um . . .

    What’s a kg?



  13. laurieanichols at 13:24 #



  14. bluebee at 15:00 #

    Nacho cheese 😀 silly jokes rock


  15. bluebee at 15:01 #

    Oh, and I think it’s true


  16. viveka at 16:42 #

    It can only happen to your family that a member will win cheese. *laughter


  17. sarsm at 22:44 #

    I guess true!


  18. sanstorm at 22:31 #

    Cheese jokes?


  19. Grannymar at 20:04 #

    Last time I guessed I won a prize, so I will guess TRUE!


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