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Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha

21 Jun
Door 404

Door 404 (Photo credit: darkenedcorridor)

Tell us a joke! Knock-knock joke, long story with an unexpected punchline, great zinger — all jokes are welcome!

I finally have to admit defeat with the prompts.  This one is just too difficult for me.  

Joke 820

21 Jun

As you seem to like them so much…

A boy answers the phone. The caller asks, “Where are your parents?”

“They ain’t here!”

“Come on, son. Where’s your grammar?”

“My gramma ain’t here neither. She’s gone to church!”

  • If “can’t” is the contraction for “cannot,” what is “don’t” short for?   Doughnut.
  • Is there a word in English that uses all the vowels including “y”?    Unquestionably!
  • “I am” is said to be the shortest sentence in the English language.  The longest is “I do.”
  • A pregnant woman went into labour and began to yell, “Couldn’t! Wouldn’t! Shouldn’t! Didn’t! Can’t!”  She was having contractions.    Garrison Keillor
  • What kind of word would you invite to a fancy tea party?   A proper noun.
  • What word allows you to take away two letters and get one in return?    Alone.
  • Which two letters of the alphabet mean nothing?   MT.


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