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101/1001 (11)

10 Jun

I completed two tasks this week.  You read about my foray into second childhood; the second was Write 101 new poems.  I’ve written 111 in eleven weeks.  I think I may have set the bar a little low.  Any suggestions for a realistic target?


Read thirty books (11/30)

I finally finished Daughters of Britannia: The Lives And Times Of Diplomatic Wives, by Katie Hickman.  It was dry in parts but interesting enough to keep going.  Not gripping, though: it’s taken me six months.  Here’s a bit I thought you might enjoy:

At the turn of the century Susan Townley learnt the conventionally polite Chinese enquiry: ‘How is Your Excellency’s favoured wife?’  To which, unvaryingly, would come the equally conventional reply: ‘Thank you, Madam.  The foolish one of the family is well.’


Find another 64 challenges for the list.  (24/64)

Nancy suggested: Go an entire week without poking fun at the WP prompter.  I did so, but forgot to add it to the list.  That got me out of the habit so there’s no point including it now.  Talk about a wasted opportunity.

She also suggested: Visit a hospital ward and entertain the ill and infirm.  I’m thinking about that one.  It scares me, frankly.  I don’t know how I would entertain them without sticking a monitor in front of their faces.

Nancy is prolific: Write a letter to someone who taught me something valuable about life and send it to them.  This is a good one; it’s on the list.  So’s this: Illustrate one of my poems with the medium of my choice.

Pseu gave me a task which is similar to one I already have (Submit thirty poems to competitions or publishers), but is a good way to make it happen:  Buy a copy of Myslexia or visit  and identify 6 poetry competitions, each with a closing date a month after each other, or as close as possible – enter each competition with a new poem over the next six months.

Thank you again, everyone, for your suggestions and encouragement.


Flo told me about a teenage girl who has her own list.  Please visit her blog: she is fifteen and has terminal cancer.  Hers is a bucket list.  I don’t know what to say.  She is so brave.


We have a new 101er!  Welcome, heroblues.  Let’s hope you’re not the last to join us.

Don’t forget to check out the other 101ers from the list to the right.

Not My Usual Post

10 Jun

I usually tell you what Sidey’s weekend theme is but this week I’m going to let you guess.  You won’t find it difficult because I’m not usually subtle, am I?  The whole ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’ thing was probably written with me in mind.


Diagram of the sending of spam e-mail.

Image via Wikipedia

I usually delete my spam messages immediately but this one is so true I thought I’d share it:


You can’t argue with that; but there’s no need to shout.


Usually on a Friday I tell you about my 101/1001 progress, and I will; but later.


Usually, I try to come up with a funny last line but this is not my usual type of post, so I won’t.

Joke 78

10 Jun

I feel like I ought to apologise to former lawyer Nancy for this one, but I haven’t apologised to wives, husbands, or cats, so I won’t.  I will apologise, however, for telling such an old joke; but it still makes me laugh.

Why don’t sharks attack lawyers?

Professional courtesy.

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