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A P.S. To ‘Amoral’

22 Jun
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I love coincidences.

Although amoral is not an uncommon word, I wouldn’t say it is used much.  Yesterday, having written my post about that very word, I heard it twice.

The first time was in the Radio 4 show A Good Read, in reference to one of the books under discussion.  The second was in a clip from a Canadian show called The Source, which discussed the behaviour of young people in the recent Vancouver riots.

I wonder if Mr Handle is reading this?  Now that would be a coincidence.

More Clearing Out Of The Inbox

22 Jun
Mock the Week
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When was the last time you changed your mind?

Yesterday.   No, the day before.

What war is worth fighting?

The Cold War.

What?  They did that one already?  Who won?  Lemsip or Vicks?
Today’s joke brought to you courtesy of BBC2’s Mock the Week.

Is courage made, grown or found?

Courage makes, grows and can be found in all good pubs (at the bottom of a glass).  But not for long, apparently: Wikipedia says they are ‘haemorrhaging sales’.  Not a good look in a beer.  I hope they’re not bitter.

Do you believe in life on other planets?

Yes, because I saw this great documentary series a few years ago about a spaceship that boldly went where no one had gone before…to split infinitives and beyond.



Joke 90

22 Jun

A man went into a dentist and asked, “How much does it cost to have teeth taken out?”

“$90,” said the dentist.

“That’s ridiculous,” replied the man.

“I could lose the anaesthetic and it would cost $60.”

“That’s still too expensive,” said the man.

“If you forgo the anaesthetic and the follow-up appointment I could knock the price down to $20.”

“Still too much.”

“Well…one of my students can do it for $10,” said the dentist.

“Perfect,” said the man. “Book my wife in for next Tuesday.”

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