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By Popular Demand

10 Aug

A home from home

Wendy & Granny visit Africa

Wendy & Granny get lost in Africa - a friendly Chief helps

Jobs For The Coy

10 Aug


An interesting job via the Arts Council:

Classical trained Saucy Alto, Sawn-off Opera

It comes with an asterisk:

*Please note – these operas are fairly saucy!


And another interesting job:

Sewist.  Bring your own ideas.


A Third

This one had me intrigued until I looked at the ad and realised a punctuation mark had been omitted in the original email subject line.  Unfortunately, you can’t check for yourself because the advert has been taken down.  I’m not the only punctuation pedant in the blogosphere, it seems:

Urgent Pianist Needed


Joke 139

10 Aug

In Italy, old horses get put out to pasta.

That one is so bad, here’s a bonus joke:

What did the mother horse say to the foal when they were in the barn?

“Open the door!  Were you born in a house?”

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