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Imperfect Moments

1 Aug

Crowne Plaza Johannesburg - The Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

Are 3D movies a fad, or here to stay?

Dear WordPress,

You do know I have a life?  Why are you wasting my time with such daft questions?

Here’s one for you: are your daft questions a fad, or here to stay?

Love, The Laughing Housewife (a 3d woman with a Z list address book)


What’s a food you’ve always wanted to try?

Can’t think of any.  I’m not adventurous when it comes to trying food, though I have eaten crocodile, shark, elephant and other exotic African stuff.  It was at a buffet restaurant called The Train, in Midrand, South Africa.  An…interesting experience, let’s say.

I’ve also eaten ostrich and caviar, on the night I surprised the Hub by taking him to The Rosebank Hotel to cheer him up during his recovery from a serious accident.  It was in the days before cable and satellite tv were in every home.  I had planned a romantic evening, but I reckoned without the boxing world title fight showing on M*NET.  However, the point of the exercise was to make him feel good, so I suppose it worked. 

Incidentally, the facilities were fabulous.  We stayed less than twenty-four hours and I took three baths, just for fun.  And Brian Mitchell won; one of the Hub’s favourite boxers, for his intelligence in the ring.


Can a camera truly capture a moment in time?

Depends if I remember not to cover the lens with my finger.



The Crying Housewife

1 Aug
Little House on the Prairie book - original cover

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It is unpleasant to learn that the image you have of yourself is false: like the time I discovered I am two inches taller than I am, or that I wasn’t as slim in my actuality as I was in my mind.  Yesterday, I learned another unpleasant home truth: my hard exterior does not hide a hard interior at all; I am, in fact, a soppy ball of mush.


You may have watched The Little House On The Prairie as a child, like me, and, like me, forgotten everything you ever saw except for the bit in the titles where the girls run down the hill amongst the plastic flowers (it’s true; I read it on the internet).  You may also have a friend who would now be your ex-friend if it wasn’t for the fact that she teases you the best of all your friends but left a comment on a previous post accidentally giving away the juicy bits.

For that reason, I warn you that some of the plot of TLHotP is about to be revealed. 

The Hub and I watched the end of series 4 last night…the episode where Mary went blind.  I sobbed like a baby.  At the most dramatic moment – the part where Charles tells Mary what’s happening to her, the ex-Hub said, ‘I bet she didn’t see that coming.’

All the way through the drama I kept thinking of Tinman.  Don’t be concerned (I’m talking to you, Tinman): the Hub is not about to be left (not for another man, anyway; though possibly for cracking a joke when the wife is crying her icicle-covered heart out).  I kept thinking of a comment he left on my blog last time I wrote about TLHotP.  I’m going to share it here because it is worthy of another showing:

Years ago Ireland were playing soccer in some tiny Eastern European country who didn’t have floodlights, so the game kicked off at around one pm.

As we all gathered in the pub the Little House episode where Mary went blind was on the TV. About five minutes before kick-off we asked for the football to be put on and a choking voice said “No, wait a minute, this is just over.”

We looked around and one of the old guys who drank at the bar was in floods of tears watching it.

If an old Irish guy can weep over something that happened 140 years ago, then so can I.  If it transpires that I am sentimental under my frost, the Hub is just going to have to get used to it.  He needn’t worry, though: I’m not going to be mushy about him; this isn’t The Little House On The Prairie.

Joke 130

1 Aug

I wouldn’t say I was a bad cook but my kids got even with the class bully by inviting him for dinner.

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