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Had Fun; I’m Glad It’s Over

13 Aug

Apologies: the photos are quite dark because my camera isn’t good enough for the space we were in.  I have not included any pictures of the children because some parents will not allow their photographs to be included on a public forum, and I’m not sure which children that affects.  If you look at our church website in a couple of days, you will see more and better pictures, not taken by me.

Church Holiday Club: if that phrase conjures visions of earnest adults indoctrinating children with religion (as it does for the Hub), then you obviously grew up in the Fifties.  It’s not like that here in Stockport: let’s just say that Tottenham is not the only place to have had a riot this week.

There has been singing, stories, dancing, crafts, drama, architecture, puppetry, games, joke-telling and jungle japes.  Sometimes we let the children join in.

The week started with a roll of corrugated cardboard, masking tape, and the instruction to ‘build a hut’.  Thirty children were split into three groups and our ten looked like they needed a tunnel, so that’s what they got: a foyer, a tunnel and a grand exit.  They decorated it with paper leaves on the first morning.  The intention was to cover the hut with leaves by the end of the week, but we were too busy enjoying ourselves to finish it.

Welcome to our humble abode

The baby group had the best builders

The real estate market finally started to pick up

After group time we joined the others in the pews for a singalong, with actions.  Then it was time for a little drama: The Watt Family (a family of five in the script, pared down to just Grandma and Wendy, due to a dearth of actors) took a trip to Africa; parachuted into the jungle because of engine failure; got lost; were rescued by a friendly chief; and celebrated their safe arrival with a nice cup of English tea.

I played Wendy. Wendy was a naughty girl who didn’t listen and wound up tied to a tree as lion fodder.  I’m sure you’ll be glad to know she was rescued, though the Hub was a little disappointed to hear it.

You can tie me to a tree but you'll never take away my freedom...

At one point, Wendy carried a suitcase that was stolen by a thief (David, the vicar).  Wendy and the thief tussled for dramatic effect; Wendy, in her excitement, forgot to let go and was dragged up the aisle by the twice-her-size-and-much-stronger enemy, landing flat on her backside.  Wendy fell over, yet I have the bruises; funny, that.

Tilly had a great week, but got a little plastered

The next hour was taken up with crafts, games and snack time, then it was back to the pews for more singing and jokes and a puppet show, before we all went back to our huts for going-home time.  Apart from when I’m blogging, I have never known two hours disappear like that: we packed each morning with fun activities and lots of laughter, and our reward was happy children and aching backs.

The children had a lesson in DIY

We know they enjoyed the week but I’m not sure if they got the message of love that we hoped they would: when asked what was the best thing about their time with us, one child said to me, ‘I liked the bit where David pushed you over.’

All Jedi have to start somewhere

Today’s post title is my Six Word Saturday entry.  Click on the link to join in the fun.

My niece and nephew arrive for a visit today, and I’m still pretending to do this week’s missed housework, but I promise to catch up on visits and comments soon.  Honest.

Joke 142

13 Aug

A judge was instructing the jury that a witness was not necessarily to be regarded as untruthful because he changed his statement from one which he had previously made to the police.  “For example,” he said, “when I entered my chambers today, I was sure I had my gold watch in my pocket.  But then I remembered that I left it on my nightstand in my bedroom.”

When the judge returned home, his wife asked him, “Why so much urgency for your watch?  Isn’t sending three men to get it, one after the other, a bit extreme?”

“What?” said the judge, “I didn’t send anyone for my watch, let alone three people; what did you do?”

“I gave it to the first one,” said his wife.  “He knew exactly where it was.”

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