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Rugby. I Love It.

20 Aug

Saw Sale Sharks lose last night

Walking the dogs yesterday afternoon, we bumped into our tame rugby player, who offered us free tickets for last night’s pre-season friendly against Edinburgh.  Five free tickets, because we are minus one first-born but plus one niece and plus one nephew.  Our rugby player is a nice guy.

I don’t mind that they lost: the thunnk of many men crashing into each other is so thrilling that it doesn’t matter who wins; I’m too excited to care.

It has taken me almost thirty years to learn the basic rules of football; most of it by osmosis – when you’re married to a man who buys products based on who is sponsoring his team at the time, you watch, read and hear a lot about soccer.  In comparison, however, footballers are huge wimps with their diving and calls for bookings; give me a pitch punch-up any time, like last night’s.  Rugby is a man’s game.

My love of rugby has taken me by surprise: despite the Hub’s passion for it (third only to football and athletics; and pipping beach volleyball – women’s – to the post), I never got excited about it, even when he made me watch South Africa win the 1995 World Cup.  Spud took it up in high school, and I actually disliked it intensely, especially when he was knocked out.

I would go to his matches and cover my eyes.  I reached the point of watching with my back to the pitch.  That was when I discovered the big boys’ rugby – strapping eighteen-year olds, thunnking and crashing into each other…

…I love rugby.


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Joke 149

20 Aug

This one is courtesy of WonderfullyWired Photo


A man walks into a doctor’s surgery with a carrot up his nose, a cucumber in his left ear and a banana in his right ear.

He asks the doctor why he is continually sick and the doctor answers, “Because you’re not eating properly.”


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