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M Is For Many Things

12 Sep

Maltesers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

M was, of course, for Maltesers, as most of my many musers managed to mention in the comments.

There were some other submissions:

  • M&Ms.  A majority of my readers are from across the mighty Atlantic so this was the most popular suggestion.  Meh, as my eldest son might say – a meagre replacement for the greatest sweet (candy) to ever live.
  • Malted Milk Balls: the imitation – almost a mockery – of my magnificent Maltesers.  Meh meh.
  • Meals.  An assumption that makes sense, given my interminable meanderings on foods I most adore – Maltesers, mainly.
  • Motherhood.  Well, yes, maybe I like being a mum; but do I like being a mum as much as I like Maltesers?  It’s a moot point.
  • Muffins.  Mojitos.  Marzipan.  Idiosyncratic Eye knows me well enough to remain with the food theme.  However… Marzipan – yuck yuck yuck!  Mojitos – got an impression it’s booze, so IE doesn’t know me that well yet.  Muffins – good choice.  But English or American…?
  • Money.  Not something I crave, unless it’s to pay for the Maltesers I’ve amassed.
  • Aquatom was right: M’s for many of ’em.  Yes, Tom; I did see what you did there.  Consider me cheesy grinning.
  • Patti suggested it was so easy, I should write another post.  Here it be, Patti.
  • Marabou chocolate was sent to me by comment link.  Many compliments to my new best mate, Viveka, who knows a request for a bribe when she hears one.
  • Commiserations to my ex-best mate, Viveka, who made the mistake of imagining I wouldn’t want to receive many more Maltesers than I presently have stashed in my store room.
  • More congratulations go to Slip Martin (my son’s name for him), who magnificently monitored over many of my posts that there was only one word in the English language that started with M…MALTESERS.  A man of discernment.
Maltesers in a tray.

Maltesers in a tray. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summary: Mention Maltesers and my mood is one of amiable harmony and merriment; and you will be gifted with the honorarium of an over-emmed post.

Many thanks for making me smile.

And drool.

Joke 538

12 Sep

Thanks to Viveka for letting me use this one.

Sven and Lena are driving along a highway doing sixty mph, Lena behind the wheel.  Sven suddenly looks over at her and says, “Honey, I know we’ve been married for twenty five years, but I want a divorce.”

Lena says nothing but slowly increases speed to seventy mph.

Sven says, “I don’t want you to try to talk me out of it, because I’ve been having an affair with your best friend, and she’s a better lover than you are.”

Lena stays quiet but speeds up as her anger increases.

“I want the house,” Sven insists, pressing his luck.  Lena speeds up to eighty mph.

Sven says, “I want the car, too,” but Lena just drives faster and faster.

By now she’s up to ninety mph. “All right,” Sven says, “I want the bank accounts, and all the credit cards, too.”

Lena slowly starts to veer toward a bridge.

This makes Sven a bit nervous, so he says, “Isn’t there anything you want?”

Lena says, “No, I’ve got everything I need.”

“Oh, really,” Sven says, “so what have you got?”

Right before they slam into the wall at a hundred mph, Lena smiles and says, “The airbag.”

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